About Us

Bella Chi-Cha statement on Black Lives Matter.

We grew up believing that justice was color blind.  The recent murder of George Floyd has exposed this myth once and for all, for everyone.  We should have seen this reality decades ago.  We were not listening. In order to redress the systematic marginalization of people of color, action is needed now.  For the sake of our nation, we cannot wait any longer.  We are a very small business with no employees so we are limited in what we can do directly and immediately.  But we will focus on what we can do now.  We will donate what we can.  We will read books we should have read long ago.  We will listen.  And, when we grow to be the company we want to be, we will seek to provide opportunities to minority owned vendors, customers, and (hopefully) employees.   We WILL be a part of this movement.



Bella Chi-Cha is a family owned business in Santa Cruz, CA.  The Townsend family works together to create and distribute the fine sauces and tortas that bear the Bella Chi-Cha name.  Brenda Townsend is the driving force behind the business.  She brings more than 20 years of foodservice experience to the Bella Chi-Cha kitchen.  Aided by her husband, Andrew, and their 3 children, Brenda is determined that everyone will have a chance to taste her delightful creations.

Bella Chi-Cha recipes are infused with southern Italian flavor. They combine Sicily’s sun-kissed apricots, figs and pine nuts, and Naples’s subtle cheeses and perfectly ripened tomatoes. These ingredients are delicately combined in Bella Chi-Cha’s pestos and creamy tortas. The recipes originate from the Russo Italian family, which began distributing gourmet delicacies in 1986.

Ask for our pesto sauces and spreads by name.  “Hey, where’s the Bella Chi-Cha?”